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    Originally posted by rhiannyn on tribe.net.while i was in San Fran, i took a Level 3 class with Kristine, and she ran us through a zill drill to Efrooh Bwadina, and i just want to make sure i have the order and count right [ya, i totally should have written it down!]:br/br/triplets - 16br/military - 8br/beledi - 4br/singles - 16br/br/somehow that does not seem right... aarrgghhh.br/br/thanks for any help on this 🙂



    Originally posted by Wendy on tribe.net.Those patterns are right. We all do the drill a bit differently. I tend to have them do 8 cts of each pattern, and once they get that down, I mix it up-2 cts of Longa (what you call a triplet), 2 cts of Military, etc. br/br/Theres no one rigid way of doing it.



    Originally posted by rhiannyn on tribe.net.oh, thank you 🙂 excellent.... br/well, i will start with that pattern sequence then... but first i must work on figuring out my beledi zilling, cuz i suck at it 😉



    Originally posted by kelley on tribe.net.Hi there,br/ yes I did Kristines zilling practice when I visited SF and it was totally manic!!! Love her to bits xxxxxxx .but wish Id made better notes (thought they were good at the time) so many thanks for posting.br/Kbr/xx



    Originally posted by Sandi on tribe.net.Yeah, I remember doing these as a student Karen Gehrman would teach. It was nerve wracking! It really shows you what you need to be working on. So now, I bring it out for my students.br/br/Heres my version, and it varies:br/br/Altogether: 16cts of each - longa, military, saidi, alternatingbr/br/Around the circle: 16cts of each - I start w/longa, next person does military, next saidi, next alternating, next, longa, etc. - keeps going around until everyones done each pattern.br/br/Sometimes Ill have them do the whole series alone. Sometimes I only have them do 8cts of each pattern.



    Originally posted by Durrah on tribe.net.How filled is your saidi rhythm? I learned it R R RL RR RL R RL - is that the pattern you do? Ive never had a great feel for that rhythm, I should practice it more. 🙂



    Originally posted by Sandi on tribe.net.That is pretty much it. RR rlR R rlR rlRR rlR R rlR. This is two strung together then without the fill after the second. Actually, most commonly, we call it Beledi, but have learned that there are many names for this stroke pattern, depending on where you put the dums and teks or claps and rings. Beledi, Saidi, Masmoudi Saghira, Maqsoum...br/br/If you ever get a chance to study with Helm, do it. I know theyre going to be up in Alaska this week! :}

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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