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    Hello!!I am having a situation with my students.  I have one student who also dances raksharqi and her teacher taught her the zills  RR L    It's been very difficult but she has improved and now is able to do the RLR even though some times when we have to zill fast she falls back to the RR L so I have to be very aware but it was not very obvious when we dance together as a group Now I have 3 more students from the same teacher with the same situation.  😮  I don't know if this will make a big difference in the sound when we are all zilling together as a group.Should I enforce the RLR or can they stay with the RR L and still work nicely when we are zilling together?  I don't think so. :-/  any thoughts?Help !!



    We tend to enforce the RLR strokes because they don't fatigue the hands as much and they do sound different from RRL.  It's just better to have consistency, especially if they intend to progress in the ATS community, i.e. possibly become teachers.  We teach matching the pattern in our shimmies to the zils – Shimmies (UDU) = Zils (RLR).We do have left-handers who zil LRL and they sound the same as RLR.  I would do a sound test to see if you can hear the difference.  We like a nice ring-ring-clap or ring-ring-ring, rather than a clap-clap-ring.



    Thank You very much Sandi!!!  I thought so.  I am enforcing it, I just wanted to be sure. 🙂



    Speaking of zill patternsMarsha was going to go over 'Call & Respond' the last time I was in SF- but we ran out of time. Does anyone have the pattern to that? Or a youtube example?  😮

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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