Zils and Hearing Aids

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    Is it a good idea to avoid using zils where a significant portion of the audience may be wearing hearing aids? My troupe has a gig at a retirement home this weekend and we were wondering if the sound may overwhelm the devices.



    We've entertained at a few retirement homes and I also asked the same question to staff.  Their reply everytime was 'the louder the better' 😉Music and dance is brilliant for people with dementia ..... sounds, vibrant colours and movement evoke memories.  I remember one wonderful lady in particular (who amazed staff because she hardly spoke) became very animated, clapping her hands, chatting about her days of dancing and wanted to dance with us 😉  Being frail and wobbly on her feet, we placed a chair on the dance floor for her to sit, dressed her head with a wrap and gave her some zills.  I still have wonderful memories of her delighted, beaming face, twinkly eyes, swaying to the music whilst we dance around her and she bashed the Zills together.  One of my most memorable, happiest dances!Maybe contact the staff or organiser to ask their opinion anyway, just to be on the safe side.Have a great time (and take some spare Zills) 😉



    Kay, thanks for the good info!



    We have played gigs in retirement homes and used our wooden zills from Magus Obiero. I noticed that some people also found the music a little loud, not wishing to cause discomfort we lowered the music slightly to accommodate the people with hearing aids.They loved the performance though and we got quite a few of them up dancing with us at the end!... 

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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