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Name:Leslie Fineberg
Organization:WNY American Tribal StyleŽ Bellydance
Address:Buffalo NY 14221
United States
Description:WNY American Tribal StyleŽ: Euphraxia ~ A Latin Term meaning "Joyful Movement". And joyful movement is the spirit of American Tribal Style Bellydance! Euphraxia, the original name our American Tribal Style Dance Company chose to use when we first started out, has evolved over the years. Today it is used more as a business name for our entire on-going ATS "project" here in Buffalo NY. The dance company's name is actually Red Moon - which consits of Euphraxia's dedicated students, and it's director and instructor, Leslie Fineberg. Euphraxia & Red Moon are Buffalo's first American Tribal Style Bellydancers ~ company ~ and performers. Proudly dedicated to the art of Carolena Nericcio's Amerian Tribal Style Bellydance - the bellydance of FatChanceBellydance in San Francisco, California. Leslie Fineberg is a Certified American Tribal Style Bellydacer, Instructor, and a Sister Studio to FatChanceBellydance. She travels to study ATS on a regular basis: at dance intensives/workshops, with private lessons, and with other Sister Studios. She firmly believes that dance is an ongoing learning process... and that in order to keep true to any dance, one must continue to take classes, be mentored, study, and prepare to evolve as the dance evolves.
Web Site:www.euphraxia.com
Activities:Dance, Teach, Perform, Host Events
Categories:Instruction, Event