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Name:Nicole Tehani Hudson
Organization:Tehani Dance Arts
Address:Honolulu HI 96819
United States
Description:A Southern California native recently transplanted to the Detroit area in 2009. She is a musician, dancer and actress who has been performing for over 15 years. Dance training includes Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Pacific Island Dance Styles (i.e. Hawaiian hula, Tahitian, Maori and Samoan). Her Belly Dance training includes instruction in ATS®, Egyptian and Lebanese Cabaret & Folkloric styles. Teachers include Carolena Nericcio, Aida Al Adawi of San Francisco, and Zada Al Gaziyeh. She has performed across Southern California, Hawaii, Kansas, and Michigan. She teaches ATS® as taught by Carolena and FCBD®. She is a Graduate of GS for ATS®, and Teacher Training. She is an official Sister Studio to FCBD®. In June of 2013 she will relocate to Honolulu Hawaii on the Island of Oahu.
Web Site:www.TehaniDance.com
Activities:Dance, Teach, Perform