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Name:Monika Wolf
Organization:Gypsy Dream Clothing
Address:1141 east 24th Avenue
Vancouver None (Intl) V5V 2B3
Description:Gypsy Dream clothing is made for those who are gypsies at heart. Drawing inspiration from Middle Eastern and Tribal style dance and blending them with the timeless styles and fabrics of the Romantic era; creating a unique style that is romantic, fun, sexy and amazingly comfortable. At the Gypsy Dream Studio in Vancouver, BC each garment is constructed by hand with the intent that every ensemble find the right owner. Each piece of dance wear and costuming is solidly constructed, keeping in mind the need for comfort, versatility and ease of care of the garment. The ritual wear are like pieces of art, no two garments are the same and are crafted with the intention to bring beauty, comfort and delight to its wearer. So whether you are dancing on a stage or around a fire under the full moon, you can be assured that you are wearing something as beautiful and unique as you are.
Web Site:www.gypsydream.net
Activities:Sell Merchandise