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Name:Quinn Donovan Fradet
Organization:Gypsy Fire Tribal Bellydance
Address:Bend OR
United States
Description:Gypsy Fire Tribal Bellydance, Bend, Oregon's premiere Tribal Bellydance troupe, has been mesmerizing audiences since 1999. We are an ATS-based troupe who enjoy celebrating the joy of dance, the communication and synergy of Improv, and the sisterhood of Tribal Style Bellydance. We offer instruction in ATS, as well as our Gypsy Fire Bellydance ATS-based variations, in ongoing classes. Director Quinn Donovan Fradet holds GS, TT1 and TT2 certifications from FCBD, as well as Level 1 Jamila Salimpour format, and has synthesized the information she has gleaned from these master teachers into a clear, detailed, and fun teaching style. Gypsy Fire has also taught workshops locally, regionally, and internationally: we love to grow our Tribal Family!
Web Site:gypsyfirebellydance.com
Activities:Dance, Teach, Perform, Sell Merchandise