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Name:Meredith Goode
Organization:Lilam Bellydance
Charm City Tribal
Address:Baltimore MD
United States
Description:Līlam is a tribal fusion bellydance troupe from Baltimore that incorporates choreography and improvisation into our performances. We dance with joy, love, and LOTS of attitude, and are known for our fun, passionate, and sometimes even conceptual dancing. We are Scarlett, Spiral, Jenn, and Talis. "Lilam" is our expression of light and dark female energy, "translated" to mean "Divinely Playing Demons/Divas/Devas." Members of Lilam also organize the wildly popular Charm City Tribal events in Baltimore, which feature local dancers and beyond. We're promoting interesting and experimental fusions of tribal and ethnic world dances. Four times a year, CCT is the place to be!
Web Site:www.charmcitytribal.com; www.lilamdances.com
Activities:Dance, Perform, Host Events