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Name:Aline Muhana
Organization:Asmahan Studio
Nataraja Designs Tribal Fashion
Address:Rio de Janeiro None (Intl) 20.551-031
Description:Aline Muhana is Bachelor in Arts (Painting), graduated in UFRJ-Brazil since 2004. Her art research is based in the insertion of the sacred femine symbols and values in contemporary culture through paintings, dance and performances. Began bellydance and Tribal classes in 2007, and is particularly dedicated to ATS, teaching regular classes and workshops in Rio de Janeiro. Is the co-founder and actual owner of tribal fashion business "Nataraja Designs" and shares artistic direction of Mozuna Tribe with Nadja el Balady, the first Improv Tribal Style Troupe in Brazil. Aline Muhana is a FCBD Sister Studio since Dez. 2012
Phone:+55 21 9247-5846
Web Site:www.facebook.com/AlineMuhana
Activities:Dance, Teach, Perform, Sell Merchandise
Categories:Instruction, Costuming