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Name:Caroline Miller
Organization:Red Earth Ghawazee
Address:Unit 2
17 Allaware Avenue
Croydon, Victoria None (Intl) 3136
Description:I have been dancing and performing ATSŪ for the past 5-6 years and co-found Red Earth Ghawazee. The troupe have been together for 3 years, performing at many local festivals and events. Since sucessfully gaining my General Skills and Teacher Training 1 in ATS with Carolena in 2009 I am now teaching 3 ATS classes per week in Croydon, (Melbourne, Victoria). Red Earth Ghawazee are hosting "UNEARTHED" a tribal bellydance weekend of workshops, markets and performances from local Australian tribal teachers/performancer on November 19,20,21. Check out the website for information.
Web Site:www.redearthghawazee.com
Activities:Dance, Teach, Perform, Host Events
Categories:Instruction, Event