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TribalStarGalactica™ by KC Winstead
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Name:Heather Dirsuwei
Organization:Tribal Angels
Johannesburg None (Intl)
South Africa
Description:Tribal Angels are an American Tribal Style® Troupe as well as a FatChanceBellyDance® sister studio based in Northcliff, Johannesburg. Our goal is to enrich audiences with high quality entertainment through the power of dance and the magic of theater Tribal Angels sustain a high level of technical and artistic standards and continue to grow and learn through classes, international workshops and diligent rehearsals This in turn creates a troupe with positive self-esteem, professionalism, and dedication
Phone:+27 72 244 4932
Web Site:www.tribalangels.com
Activities:Dance, Teach, Perform, Sell Merchandise, Host Events
Categories:Instruction, Event