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TribalStarGalactica™ by KC Winstead
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Name:Anthea Poole
Organization:PRISM Dancers
Dance Eternal
Address:Fredericksburg VA 22401
United States
Description:Tribal Odyssey format has an extensive repertoire of dance combinations that include Veil work, Skirt moves, and also has accompanying Finger Cymbal patterns. The leader can cue various group stage formations and group travel as well. Tribal Odyssey (TO) is an original group belly dance method developed in 2000 by Kawakib (Fredericksburg VA) in collaboration with Miramar (Winchester VA). It's a form of ITS (improvisational tribal style) primarily based on Egyptian-beledi style moves, using natural posture and both sides of the body.
Web Site:http://www.kawakib.com/tribe.html
Activities:Dance, Teach, Perform, Host Events