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TribalStarGalactica™ by KC Winstead
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Name:Joyce Young
Organization:Tribal Wallah
Space For Movement Studio
Address:410 2nd Ave
Fairbanks AK 99701
United States
Description:Tribal Wallah performs Group Improvisational Tribal Style (GTI) Belly Dance, with a very strong base in American Tribal Style® (ATS®) Belly Dance, created by FatChanceBellyDance® Founder Carolena Nerricio. ATS is a fusion of belly dance styles, blending and combining an intoxicating and fantastic collage of costume, music, jewelry, props and dance. The influences are from the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Morocco. In ATS, and all GTI dance forms, there is a common language of dance steps but is performed without choreography. Tribe members uses the language of dance to communicate to each other. Like Tribal Style, our tribe is a fusion of ages, cultures and stages of life.
Web Site:http://tribalwallah.net/
Activities:Dance, Teach, Perform, Sell Merchandise, Host Events
Categories:Instruction, Event, Costuming