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Name:Nancy Gaines
Organization:Kalima Tribal Belly Dance
Damhsa Gasra
Address:311 North Jackson Street
Salisbury NC 28144
United States
Description:Kalima Tribal Belly Dance offers instruction in Tribal Style Belly Dance in Salisbury and Concord, NC, hosts workshops with visiting teachers, and organizes performances and haflas. Kalima's performing troupe, Damhsa Gasra appears at events, parties, weddings, and other functions throughout a three county area and occassionally beyond. Kalima, the founder and director, recieved her ATSŪ General Skills certification from Carolena in 2008, and has studied and continues to study and incorporate ATS and other tribal styles through workshops with teachers such as Megha Gavin, Paulette Rhys-Denis, Urban Gypsy, Blue Moon Tribal, and others. Their goal is to make dance a natural part of life again and share the joy of dancing with as many people as possible. The ladies also make and sell a broad range of costume pieces including hats, hair falls, headpieces, belts, bras, etc. through the internet and at events through out the area.
Phone:704 213 0019
Web Site:www.KalimaTribal.com
Activities:Teach, Perform, Sell Merchandise, Host Events
Categories:Instruction, Event, Costuming