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Name:Arikah Peacock
Organization:Ees'aBella Belly Dance
Healing Arts Boutique and Studios
Address:952 E. Eldorado ste. 103
Decatur IL 62523
United States
Description:Arikah Peacock is a Sister Studio® and is a Satellite School and member of BlackSheep BellyDance. She is certified by Carol Joy Bennett as a Reiki Master Instructor, in Zumba®, a Tribal Fest® 13 and 14 instructor, and is certified by the American Heart Association as a Health Care Provider. Arikah has an Associates in Arts Degree and a BA in history from Millikin University. She is the only instructor, known internationally, for teaching ATS®, ITS, and other formats for a college credit. Arikah has been a licensed Body Piercer since 1998. Arikah is a contributing author to Jareeda, Zaghareet!, and FUSE magazine. She is a Master of Tarot readings and tea leaf readings. Make your apt. or sign up for classes/workshops today!
Web Site:www.eesabellabellydance.com
Activities:Dance, Teach, Perform, Sell Merchandise, Host Events
Categories:Instruction, Event, Costuming