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Name:Angie Never
Organization:Sacred Shimmy Bellydance
Address:53 S 9th St Apt A
Columbus OH 43215
United States
Description:Sacred Shimmy is a combination of dance, music and fire celebrating the power of life and creativity. Inspired by folk traditions of North Africa, India and the Middle East - healing trance rituals, village folk celebrations, modern bellydance - we dancers and drummers work together to create a performance that is truly Tribal in nature. Our devotion to this style has lead us to study with the originators and masters of Tribal dance and drumming in the US, Morocco and Turkey. Our aim is to create raw and powerful pieces that strike a chord deep in the audience, and to inspire more movement, creativity and adventure in others.
Web Site:www.sacredshimmybellydance.com
Activities:Dance, Teach, Perform