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Organization:Tanda Neelam
Address:Canoga Park CA 91304
United States
Description:Tanda Neelam, ia an American Tribal Style® (ATS®) Troupe based out of the Los Angeles area. Tanda are nomadic settlements in India, usually named after places, which have a unique culture and dance form. Neelam is a blue gem - if work as a talisman, it gives protection from evil spirits. Dancers from all over the Los Angeles area gather to perform, sharing ATS with the greater community. Tanda Neelam is a collective of self-dedicated dance sisters, always performing for the pure love of the dance and friendship. Tanda Neelam performs the FatChanceBellyDance® ATS format created by Carolena Nerricio in San Francisco, CA. By maintaining this same vocabulary, the dancers flow together as one tribe. Tanda Neelam is administered and cofounded by Laurie of LA Tribal and Cassia Marie.
Web Site:www.tandaneelam.net
Activities:Dance, Perform