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Name:Katyusha Klimenko
Organization:Mango Dance School
Address:41 Aviatorov av.
Krasnoyarsk None (Intl) 63000
Description:Hi, I've been studying ATS and Fusion since 2009 in Mango Dance School, Krasnoyarsk city, Russia. My teachers are Elena Khayulina and Svetlana Dvoretskaya (FCBD Sister Studio, Moscow). Since 2011 I've started teaching ATS basics for our fusion students as additional class, to get them learn the roots and basic concepts of the Tribal Bellydance. Since that start as a teacher of my own small group back in Siberia, I'm trying to improove my perfomance, style, costuming and the teaching methods. And it's great fun and pleasure to grow together as a group. I'm looking forward to be in the stream of ATS and other style of Tribal Bellydance discussions.
Web Site:www.mangotribe.ru
Activities:Dance, Teach, Perform
Categories:Instruction, Costuming