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Name:Teresa Craven
Organization:Nachda Mor
Address:395 Sierra Vista Ave
Apt 11
Mountain View CA 94043-2923
United States
Description:Nachda Mor is an online supplier specializing in American Tribal Style®, tribal fusion and basic belly dance costuming and accessories. We are a solid, knowledgeable dependable source for your basic ATS® needs, carrying base bras, cotton lycra cholis, velvet cholis, Jaipur mirrored cholis, 25 yard skirts in both solid and dip dyed colors, Jaipur bandhani skirts, satin trim skirts, bandhani tie and dye sarongs perfect for turbans and much more. Our Kuchi jewelry selection is very expansive, from rings, bracelets, cuffs, pendants and necklaces to headpieces and belts. Kuchi and tribal jewelry and textiles from the Pakistani, Afghani and sometimes Turkmeni regions are indulgences we love sharing with you. We carry unique tribal collectibles for both wear and home decor and have a huge appetite especially for all things native from the Gujarati and Rajasthani regions and we find many amazing things from Punjab and Kashmir as well. You'll be delighted to find traditional jewelries, textiles, costuming and trinkets from these areas shopping with us. Being Bollywood and North Indian folk dance enthusiasts as well, look forward to our dance costuming and jewelry categories to expand to these dance genres in the near future. We have at least 11 years experience of dancing and costuming including, but not limited to: ATS®, raqs sharqi, bhangra, Bollywood, North Indian folk dance and Indian classical dance. In addition to our dance and ethno-collectible sections we have a large selection of Indian imports including jewelry, clothing, spiritual items and more. Our clothing line includes urban Gypsy wear, bohemian, flirty Desi and traditional Indian garb. Our deep love for ethnic collectibles and handicrafts is evident throughout our website. As Indophiles, our close connection to North India gives us ample opportunities to bring you many beloved as well as obscure wares that will continue to enchant all of our customers. Happily add to your own collection. Browse our inventory for the absolute best gift ideas. We are very genuine and passionate about what we do and are very excited to work with you. Please bookmark us and check back often. New items are added frequently.
Web Site:www.nachdamor.com
Activities:Sell Merchandise