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Bessie Assuit Shawl


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Bessie Assuit Shawl
Originally made in the village of Assuit in Egypt, Assuit fabric has the ability to stop dancers in the tracks. While the concept of “silver metal strips woven into a sturdy cotton/linen fabric” doesn’t sound sexy, the effect of liquid silver pouring over the body only needs to be experienced once to create a life-long craving. Our shawls are made from contemporary Assuit, still made in Egypt, and will add luscious accent to any Bessie outfit or dance costume.
Size: 26″ x 75.5”

Fun storage fact: do not fold your assuit shawl or hang it up, but drop it in a basket when you are not wearing it and move it around from time to time to avoid creasing or corrosion of the metal strips.

Handmade by Kathleen and Carolena at Studio SF: Bessie Design Studio and Boutique.

Want to know more about this fabulous Assuit cloth? Check out The Cloth of Egypt by fellow dancers, Devine and Westerfeld:

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