FCBD® Crystal Pendant Amethyst [SKU_807]


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Brings protection, stability, and peace. Known as the “sobriety stone”, it aids in overcoming addictive and impulsive behaviors. It acts as a natural tranquilizer by calming and balancing the mind and emotions. Enhancing spiritual awareness and growth, it is ideal for meditation. It creates a protective barrier, around the body when open spiritually. Assists in remembering and understanding dreams. It reduces anxiety and relieves insomnia, nightmares, and migraines. Chakra: Third Eye.

Length: 1.5″
Width: 3/8″
Chain: 18″

Our FCBD® Crystal Pendants are hand-made by Heart and Bones in New Mexico, USA.
Attached to a stainless steel chain with .999 silver wraps and clasps and featuring the FCBD® silver tag.

Weight 1 lbs