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F’il Waha

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Helm’s third recording spans the Islamic world from the Tuareg of the Moroccan Sahara to the Turkish Gypsies, from Upper Egypt to the Bandar region of southern Persia. Using only acoustic instruments, Helm creates a deep and intricate texture. Multi-layered Arabic polyrhythms weave throughout, adding their own nuances to the music. Includes a few pieces played live for FCBD.
Mizmar, qanun, nay, zumara, doumbec, zarb.


1. Gargabas 4:15 fast – named after the ‘gargabas,’ a metal percussion instrument shaped like two sets of zils connected with a slender neck, one set for each hand, the gargabas are played ‘flat,’ with no ring, adding texture to the song, kawala, rebaba, bendirs, percussion
2. Insabah 4:45 slow – tabla baladi, mizmars, Arabic tabla
3. Raqs li Shams 2:33 fast – zumara, Arabic tabla, percussion, zaghareet
4. Waqt’ il Asil 3:16 slow – 10/8 and 4/4, qanun, nay, Arabic tabla, riqq
5. Lorke Lorke 2:16 fast – mizmars, Arabic tabla, lots of fun!
6. Jamilo 2:48 good listening – nay, vocals, Arabic table, riqq
7. F’il Waha 3:55 dramatic slow – 9/8, mizmar, davul, darbuka, zils
8. Huriyah 4:53 slow – qanun, nay, toumbak
9. Raqset il Ollal 4:03 medium fast – mizmar, zaghareet, Arabic tabla, riqq
10. Dukhan 4:21 slow – zumara, Arabic tabla, percussion
11. Magaree 4:24 very fast – drum solo, Arabic tabla, percussion
12. Asal 2:39 fast – mizmar, Arabic tabla, riqq

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