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Hossam Ramzy presents: Bedouin Tribal Dance


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Hossam Ramzy has finally joined the Tribal bandwagon (wink) with this fantastic mix of upbeat songs. Almost all instrumental with a few vocals, long enough for drills and short enough for performance pieces. Despite the fact that they are all mizmar and doumbec and almost all Saaidi, there is much variety and the whole album is *worth the price of admission.


Raqset Al-Hajjalah 5:10 Mizmar intro, medium tempo Saaidi rhythm with doumbec
Enta W’Bas 5:08 Mizmar, doumbec, duff and vocals, very fast Fallahi rhythm
*Efrooh Bwadina 5:21 Our favorite! Doumbec with mizmar and riqq, medium fast tem
Habbetik B’Jnoon 5:13 Doumbec, mizmar and vocals in a Saaidi/Fallahi “dual.”
Oyounik Ya Sattar 4:59 Mizmar taxeem intro, doumbec and riqq in a medium Saaidi
Shebl W’Talhnih 5:04 Classic mizmar intro, lightening fast Fallahi on doumbec with vocals
Ghaly Al Ein 5:06 Fast Fallahi on doumbec with vocals-whee!
Matloumini 5:04 Medium fast Ayoob on doumbec with mizmar and vocals
Al Majroodah 4:58 Sweet mizmar intro, fast Fallahi.
Baly Mashghoul 5:22 Very fast Fallahi on doumbec with mizmar and vocals.

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