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FatChanceBellyDance and Helm present Itneen (def: “two”), the second CD in the Tribal Dance Tribal Drum series.
Featuring American Tribal arrangements of Helm classics, new original compositions and lyrical improvisations on Middle Eastern rhythms, two dance suites and a series of “unplugged” percussion tracks for practice or performance.
Instrumentation includes mizmar, nai, accordion, Arabic tabla, riqq, tabla baladi, dhola rebaba and zils.

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1. Yalla al Nar 3:04 slow intro to fast – percussion and mizmar.
2. Sout with Spice 4:02 fast – percussion; sout is the name of the rhythm.
3. Hosanni Oo 3:38 fast – one tempo, two rhythms (saaidi & fallahi) – percussion & mizmar. Helm created this piece for us based on a traditional Egyptian folk song.
4. Il Hawa Ghallab 3:10 slow – accordian and dumbec. Based on the classec Beledi style.
5. Raqs Tabla 2:35 fast – doumbec duet between Mark & Tobias. It was originally a solo for me at the SF Ethnic Dance Festival, but we have found it to a great duet for dancers as well.
6. Sem’i Truckin’ 6:24 slow – percussion. This is a 10-beat rhythm. Try counting it!!
7. Sout Unplugged 3:04 fast – a scaled down version of #2
8. Ciftetelli Unplugged 3:03 slow – percussion. 8-beat rhythm.
9. Karachi Unplugged 3:27 fast – percussion
10. Amel 4:00 slow to fast with tempo changes; mizmar and percussion
11. Karachi Crusin’ 6:05 fast – Helm played this for us at SF EDF, we created a group choreography called “Water’s Edge.” In it the dancers walked back and forth in all four directions, mimicking the way shorebirds dash away from the waves. It was very pretty, not as silly as it sounds!
12. Maleh u Filfil 2:42 dramatic slow – another peice from EDF, this group choreography was inspired by Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring” performanced by the Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes in 1913.
13. Baladi Unplugged 5:33 five fast tempos – Helm created this for me as well. I wanted a piece of rhythmic music that got progressively faster for learning zils and shimmies.
14. Farasha 3:02 slow to very fast – mizmar and percussion.
15. Trippin’ on Istikal 2:59 good listening – a 8/9
16. Sema’i Unplugged 2:33 slow – percussion


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