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“This is music from my village!” and similar sincere comments are what we’ve heard about our newest creation with Helm. A “real” voyage along the ancient Spice Route, infusing the flavor of traditional instruments and songs with the talents of Mark and Ling Shien Bell, Larry Klein and guest artists. We “cooked this up” together, musicians and dancers working in the same kitchen to provide a feast for dancers and listeners alike.

Song 1 – 3: Afghan Suite-rebab, tablas, toumbak, kaval, def, darbuka.

Song 4 – 5: Turkish Roman Suite – oud, violin, nay, accordion, darbuka, bendir, davul.

Song 6 – 8: El Sham Region – oud, nay, rebaba, mizmar, Arabic tabla, def, riqq, tabla baladi.

Song 9 – 16: Greater Egypt – oud, nay, rebaba, mizmar, Arabic tabla, def, riqq, tabla baladi.

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1. The Rain Song 2:49 fast 4/4 percussion
2. Beto Baharan 3:31 slow 6/8 vocal
3. Chaharmezrab 2:12 slow
4. Nihavent Oyun Havasi 5:02 slow to fast to slow or dramatic slow – ciftetelli & maqsoum
5. Hicaz Oyun Havasi 4:03 slow 9/4 rhythm
6. Lashir Bekol Arev 3:57 slow
7. Ya Shadil el Han 4:51 fast
8. Sella Fina 3:29 dramatic slow or solo – a 17-beat rythm!
9. Sa’idi Roah 4:32 slow to fast
10. Hati Kass-e-rah 3:45 slow – vocals
11. Dayate Maali 2:48 medium fast – a familiar folksong
12. Maqsoum Musings 3:53 fast – a good ol’ uptempo piece
13. Inciraf & Khlas 3:51 slow
14. Li Youm Lilt Khmiss 4:59 fast – vocals
15. Shamulu 3:56 slow – vocals
16. Ishwini Fik 3:42 slow – 6/8 Shahbi, vocals; Helm first played this for us for the show San Francisco Beledi, now on DVD.

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