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Tribal Dance Tribal Drums

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Take a rhythmic journey through North Africa and the Middle East as FatChanceBellyDance (Music for Tribal Basics) and Helm (Music of the Hahbi ‘Ru) release music previously available only on cassette or videotape.

FCBD’s Music for Tribal Basics has been the standard for entry into the world of Tribal Belly Dance. Originally composed for the soundtrack of the Tribal Basics video series, the straightforward presentation and steady phrasing in a variety of tempos have made it an essential tool for teaching, practicing, and group improvisation.
In Music of the Hahbi ‘Ru, Helm’s Mark Bell, Ling Shien Bell and Frank Aviles, weave an intricate web. The layering of lyrical improvisations on traditional Arabic rhythms gives tribal style dancers the freedom of creativity critical to this style of dance. Additionally, three compositions that have become signatures of The Hahbi ‘Ru Dance Ensemble have been included from the original cassette.

Instrumentation includes doumbec, bendir, zils, tabla baladi, def, riq , nai, vocals, mizmar.

Listen to clips of the songs free of charge, and/or buy the digital download of the CD.

1. Maqsoum 5:02 medium fast – 4/4 rhythm
2. Karachi 5:36 fast tempo – 2/4 rhythm
3. Frame drum 5:09 slow – frame drum, zils accent
4. Moroccan 6 3:07 dramatic slow – 6/8 Moroccan bongos, sticks, bendir
5. Baladi 7:27 medium fast – super basic 4/4 rhythm
6. Ayoub 7:08 fast – 2/4 rhythm
7. Stash maghrebi 3:18 dramatic slow – 6/8, doubec/bendir duet
8. Magibah masrah 2:59 slow – mizmar w/ darbukka played in 6/8 Tunisian style
9. Sam’i 1:46 slow – 10/4 doumbec rhythm with riq accents
10. Ayoub 5:23 fast – 2/4 rhythm
11. Baladi 5:27 steady 4/4 with tempo change from medium to fast
12. Dance of Mourning 3:12 slow – funny name for a fabulous song, mizmar & doumbec
13. Kashlama 1:57 9/8, not good for Tribal Style but it was on the original Helm cassette and show off Mark’s awesome abilities, good for solo work or traditional Turkish
14. Masmoodi 2:36 slow – 8/4 rhythm, doumbec & muzhar
15. Sharia el Souk 3:36 slow to fast – slow 4/4 Saaidi, quick 2/4 Fallahi break, brief segue into 10/8 Wahda
16. Laf 7:33 fast – also know as Malfuf, 2/4

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