We Are With The Dancers



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The Drummers of Twisted Gypsy are the percussion ensemble of Twisted Gypsy, a professional dance troupe in Southern California. Their sound is an eclectic American fusion of tribal rhythms, both familiar and exotic.

Twisted Gypsy performs in an improvisational style, focused on traditional rhythms and spontaneous communication. The Drummers use ancient instruments made with modern materials and techniques. Tabla (Darbuka), Dhol, Daf, Tar, Bendir, Riqq, and Zills are all a part of the percussion palette they use, providing rhythm, creating energy, and framing the movements of the dancers and creating memorable, unique performances for their audiences.

Their album, “We Are With The Dancers,” captures their live sound, full of energy and dynamics. It is intended for all dancers for performances, rehearsals, and parties.
Released February 11, 2013

Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1 in

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