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It's the third year for Devotion and this time we are celebrating The Harvest…

"Bounty, abundance, gratitude, rebirth, celebration, sharing, generosity, gardening, reinventing, community, reaping what you sow, practice, discipline, working together harmoniously, achievement, coming to fruition, nurturing, dedication, being close to the earth, reaping the rewards of hard work, getting ready for the banquet…"

Every artist brings their own idea to the table and we welcome you to join the feast!

Devyani Dance Co.
Rakadu Gypsy
Colleena Shakti
Rachel Brice
with live music by Helm

Shot on location in San Francisco.

Find out more about Devotion 2013 The Family Tree

80 minutes and Extras
© FatChanceBellyDance, Inc.

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