Online Classes with PowHow FAQs

How do I register for an Online Class?

Online Classes let you take a lesson at the FatChanceBellyDance® Studio from anywhere in the world!

You can take an online class or private lesson by registering on powhow.

What is powhow?

powhow is the website through which you can sign up for our online classes and private lessons. On powhow, you will find information on all our online classes and schedules.

What is the FCBD® Monthly Membership?

FatChanceBellyDance® offers classes in a convenient and inexpensive packages.

If you are just beginning or need to review the fundamentals, Level 1 Monthly Membership is designed for you. This package is $24 a month.

Level 2 Monthly Membership includes the entire Level 2 curriculum. In addition, your Level 2 Monthly Membership also includes all of the Level 1 classes for ease of review. This package is $36 a month.

Watch the classes at your leisure, as many times as you like. Your subscription is activated as soon as you make payment on Powhow.

How does the Monthly Membership work?

A Monthly Subscription is a package that auto-renews every month on the anniversary of the original purchase.

You can pause/renew or cancel the subscription at any time from your account settings.

Please know that the cancellation is effective immediately and there are no full or partial refunds for unused time.

How much does the Monthly Membership cost?

Level 1 costs $24 a month.
Level 2 costs $36 a

How do I cancel my membership?

You may cancel your monthly subscription at any time. There is no minimum number of months to subscribe.  However, make sure you are at the end of your subscription period before you cancel because the cancellation will take effect immediately.

How do I cancel, pause or re-activate my monthly subscriptions?

To pause, cancel and reactivate your monthly subscriptions:

Please follow these simple instructions:

  1. Login to your Powhow Student Account
  2. Click on SETTINGS on the upper right hand corner of your screen. Then click on ACCOUNT SETTINGS.
  3. Scroll to the bottom where it says SUBSCRIPTIONS.
  4. Select the option you want by clicking RENEW, POSTPONE or CANCEL.
How do I schedule a private lesson?
  • To schedule a private lesson, visit the studio home page and submit your requested times and dates under the class offering, “Take a Private Lesson with Carolena” or “Take a Private Lesson with a Studio Instructor.”
  • Your request will be sent to the FCBD® office and we will contact you to confirm available times and instructors.
  • Once the date, time and instructor is confirmed, we will create a special class for you on the Powhow page.
  • Once it is created, we will notify you to purchase it.  Please be aware that we will be scheduling ½ hour before and after the actual instructional time to give you time to log into Powhow and confirm that everything is working prior to the beginning of the lesson.
How do I buy a package of private lessons?

To purchase a package of private lessons, visit the PowHow studio home page and purchase either “Buy a package of private lessons- Schedule 4 classes at a discount” with Carolena or one of the other instructors.

Your request will be sent to the FCBD® office and we will contact you to confirm available times and instructors.

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