General Skills & Teacher Training for FCBD®Style

General Skills for FCBD®Style

In General Skills, you will learn EVERY movement in the core FCBD®Style vocabulary as taught by Carolena and Advanced FCBD®Style instructors. You’ll get a break down of each movement with specific technique instruction.

General Skills is a 30 hour training that includes movement instruction, lectures on the history and cultural context of FCBD®Style, a detailed training manual, homework and quizzes to enhance your learning and a final exam.

Students must complete all hours to receive their certificate of completion. 

Teacher Training for FCBD®Style

Prerequisite: Completion of General Skills for FCBD®Style

In the Teacher Training intensive, you will learn the specific format that Carolena recommends for the instruction of FCBD®Style movements and experience teaching movements to your peers.

Curriculum will include an introductory lecture by Carolena, instruction on how to present the concept of FCBD®Style, verbal instruction, physical cuing, assessing students needs, answering common questions, structuring a class, and troubleshooting.

Students must attend all 10 hours, no exception.  Certificate awarded upon completion.

General Skills Online

We're adapting General Skills into a 10-day Online training that is currently being Beta tested with a select group of participants. We are working to make Online General Skills available to the general public in 2022.

Current Offerings

General Skills & Teacher Training for FCBD® Style in Germany

Date: July 11 – 17, 2022

Instructors: Carolena, DeAnna & Kelley

Further Information:

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Contact: Miriam Schroth