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Vintage! The 2007 Mail Order Catalog [download]


Please enjoy this vintage edition of the 2007 Mail Order Catalog! As my introduction notes, 2007 was the 20th Anniversary of FatChanceBellyDance®. Now in 2020, we are at year 33! Each year, since the early 90s, I would sit down to chronicle the items for sale with pictures and words. “Back in the day” there …
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Belly Roll Rub


Created by Dr. Swami Carolena to improve your bellyroll! While it won’t eliminate practice, the essential oils in this potion are known for their ability to decrease excess fluid and reduce the appearance of cellulite, thereby making your bellyroll more visible. Plus, sweet almond oil with vitamin e encourages smooth and supple skin. Apply generously …
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Costume Cocktail


A costume deodorizer created by Dr. Swami Carolena for fragile vintage textiles that can’t be laundered often, or regular items in the dance bag that haven’t had the chance for routine cleaning. Spray directly onto garment to discourage odor causing bacteria. Works best if applied while bacteria is volatile, i.e., while sweat is still damp. …
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Happy Hormone Mist


Dr. Swami Carolena knows that menopause is not for sissies! Happy Hormone Mist was created to cool hot flashes and mitigate the random and pesky distractions of estrogen withdrawal. The ingredients are natural hormone balancers: lavender, cypress and clary sage in a base of distilled water. Mist directly onto your face and neck and take …
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Gypsy Queen Anointing Oil


Our most popular cosmetic. Use like perfume. Dab this intriguing and seductive blend behind ears, neck, wrists, ankles or anywhere you want attention. Comes mounted on a charming vintage card. Contains: Sweet almond oil and a variety of essential oils such as sandalwood, patchouli, and lavender. .25oz in roll-on bottle Note: we are no longer …
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