International Shipping

11 Oct 2022 Update:
All international orders will now flow through our Etsy site. VAT, customs and duty will be handled seamlessly via Etsy. If you do not see the Purchase on Etsy tab in the listing of the item you wish to purchase, please email Carolena at and we will create an Etsy product link.

30 Aug 2017 Update:
Any item that crosses the US border into another country is subject to Customs and Duty fees as applicable by the rules of the receiving country. Customs Duty is a tariff or tax imposed on goods when transported across international borders. The Customs Duty Rate is a percentage. This percentage is determined by the total purchased value of the article(s) paid at a foreign country and not based on factors such as quality, size, or weight. Depending on the products you purchase, your country’s customs agency may determine you owe a duty or tax. Nearly every shipment that crosses an international border is subject to the assessment of duties and taxes. Each country determines the assessment of duties and taxes differently. At FCBD INC, we are not able to anticipate how your country will calculate the duty fee. Best practice is to visit your government’s website and review the rules applying to your country. If you refuse a package because of fees due and it is returned to us, we will refund the price of the item but not the postal fees as we will be charged the return postage.

Shipping times may vary from what is posted for US>your country. Items going to South American and parts of Europe may take up to 3 months to arrive. At FCBD INC, we are not able to influence this situation.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!