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FCBD 6 Week Spring Series



Join JuHay and Yuka to learn FCBD®Style in San Francisco in a friendly, welcoming environment. Let’s explore, dance, and connect with FCBD®Style dancers from all over the world together! 

Date: Saturdays 

Location: DSG Studios

FCBD®Style Fundamentals Level 1 (6-week series): Saturdays 1:10-2:10pm (1 hour)

Learn the beauty of FatChanceBellyDance®Style by drilling the basics in partner formations unique to FCBD®Style. Using both slow steps and fast steps, we’ll get you dancing in your first class! Follow the format and build up your dance skills progressively, or attend single classes as your schedule allows (appointments only).

FCBD®Style Advanced Level: Saturdays 2:20-3:20pm (1 hour)

Refine individual techniques by drilling basic steps and their variations in creative combinations, and learn advanced concepts. A minimum of 6-weeks of Level 1 is required to take this class or special arrangement.

Drop-ins are welcome, but to reserve your spot or for more detailed info, please get in touch with JuHay and Yuka at yukajuhayclass@gmail.com

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