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Sister to Sister project


Democratic Republic of Congo Map

Kalash is an American Tribal Style® dance troupe directed by Kelley Beeston. They started their Sister to Sister projects in early 2014 as a result of Kelley’s visits to the Congo with Luminosity.

Many of the women are the victims of gender based violence including sexual violence during conflict and many have lost their husbands, including hundreds of women on the Island of idjwi whose husbands drowned on Lake Kivu. These women turn to her for help and support simply because she too is a woman.

Fellow dancers from all over the world started asking Kelley how they could help and become involved, so Kalash Tribal together with their master teacher and mentor Carolena Nericcio of FatChanceBellyDance, Inc. now offer a collaboration where dancers, individuals and groups can collaborate in raising funds to finance two further initiatives.

The first is supporting an existing contraceptive implant project on the island of Idjwi and the second is to raise enough money to start a sewing co-operative in an area more recently freed from conflict.

Sister to Sister Sewing Cooperative

The Sister to Sister project is an initiative to establish a sewing cooperative in the town of Sake in the North Kivu region of the Congo to help women who have been tortured and raped to reintegrate into society.  Through sewing the women can earn money and regain a place in the local society that had rejected them because of their suffering.

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