Take a lesson at the FatChanceBellyDance® Studio from anywhere in the world!

All you need is a computer and an internet connection!

6-Week Dance Fundamentals, 12-Week Tribal Combinations, or Advanced Level 3—all taught by Carolena!

What is it? A series of pre-recorded classes shot at the historical FatChanceBellyDance® Studio in San Francisco, CA. Monthly Memberships give you unlimited access to classes whenever you want to dance!

Monthly Membership Level 1
  • For less than the price of a single class, you have unlimited monthly access to work on your FCBD®Style fundamentals with a Level 1 Membership.
Monthly Membership Level 2
  • Build on Level 1 skills by introducing new movements and variations in Level 2. Unlimited monthly access to six Level 1 classes and twelve Level 2 classes, plus bonus classes for a total of 23 classes!
Monthly Membership Level 3
  • Join Carolena and the FCBD® Studio Instructors for a series of Level 3 classes filmed live at Studio SF. Advanced steps and concepts, improvisational dance skills, and Carolena’s unique insights into the worldwide phenomenon of FCBD®Style. Includes Level 1 and Level 2.

Private Lessons


A one-hour private lesson or a series of private lessons for yourself or a small group with Carolena.

Individual Session: $80/hour

To schedule, please send an email to fcbd@fcbd.com. Lessons will take place via Skype or FaceTime.

FatChanceBellyDance® Instructors

Book a private lesson or a series of private lessons for yourself or a small group with a member of FCBD®.

For individual and group rates and to schedule, please send an email to studio@fcbd.com.

Online Offerings from FCBD® Instructors

Sofia Salazar-Rubio

Sofia Salazar-Rubio

Sofia is a dance nerd and technique obsessive who loves helping others elevate their dance to the next level.  She has become recognized for exciting campaigns like Move of the Month Club on Facebook that challenge dancers to explore the details of FCBD®Style in new ways.  Sofia also offers video reviews for personalized, targeted, and friendly feedback to help guide your personal practice.  For details, contact Sofia at sofia@fcbd.com.

Instagram: @sofiadances
YouTube: www.youtube.com/sofiadances

Photo: The Dancers Eye Photography
Michiyo Salisbury

Michiyo Salisbury

In 2013, after seven years of regularly commuting to the Bay Area to study, Michiyo moved closer to the source to immerse herself in pure FCBD®Style. This commitment, combined with her skill in both dance and tuition allows Michiyo to ensure her students master the complexities of learning improvisational group dancing, whether it be remotely (online) or physically in a studio.

Michiyo has a fun way to approach goals through various challenges. Enjoy Michiyo’s Dance Drills, Musicality, Blogs of her dance progress, and more at the links below.

Contact Michiyo: michiyo@fcbd.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dancemichiyo
YouTube: DanceMichiyo YouTube Channel

Photo: CheekyMonkeyCaravan

Exciting Online Offerings

FCBD®U – Your Complete Resource for FatChanceBellyDance®Style

Elevate your ONLINE mind-body experience with Carolena, Megha, DeAnna and other leading instructors!

Dance Better

FatChanceBellyDance® presents FCBD®Style Sword with Damiana Dance Company

Jen Cerdena and Cara Cressell of Damiana Dance Company bring you instructional and drill videos featuring existing and new movements modified from existing FCBD®Style slow vocabulary. 10 videos online now with more on the way!

Dance Therapeutics for FCBD®Style

Dance Better. Move Better. Feel Better.  Take control of your health! Join us for this unique series of online classes designed specifically for the body demands and movement vocabulary of FCBD®Style belly dance. You’ll learn tools for better self-care, healthy practices, and a deeper understanding and embodiment of the dancer’s artistic tool: the body.

Dance Therapeutics for FCBD®Style will teach you how to get out of pain, unlock tension patterns in your body, improve mobility, strengthen your core, prevent injuries, build better body awareness, and improve your FCBD®Style dancing.

FCCE Instructor Online Offerings

Liz Malcom

Director of Dala Dance Company

Join Liz online for her own relaxed and fun southern style belly dance instruction. Liz draws on her extensive training to teach all levels of classes. You will learn each step of the FCBD® vocabulary with a lot detail, tips on cues, transitions and complex drills. For a class agenda and to sign up, visit her website below.

Deanna Freeman

DeAnna has studied and taught FatChanceBellyDance® Style (formerly known as American Tribal Style or ATS®) and yoga for over 15 years. She has a passion for the artistic qualities as well as the scientific and structural elements of movement and believes in the power of these practices to align the mind and the body. She has spent years exploring how these relate to holistic and artist components of dance and yoga.

Classes empower her students to unlock their hidden potential through gaining an awareness and appreciation of their body’s innate movement ability. She prides herself on a relaxed and professional teaching style that allows students to elevate their skills in a safe, positive and fun learning environment.

She is currently offering belly dance and yoga classes in the Portland Area, Facebook live courses, online private sessions, and a variety of specialty workshops.

Online classes are also available on FCBD®U at  pranabellydanceandyoga.teachable.com

Kelley Beeston

Advanced Instructor, FCCE Instructor

LIVE online classes where Kelley can watch and talk to her students, where they can see her and ask questions and where everyone can see and talk to each other. Real interaction in real-time teaching the complete FatChance vocabulary. The weekly classes cover Classic, Modern and approved Dialect steps as well as concepts and musicality – from absolute beginner to performance level step by step.

Krisztina Clark

FCBD®Style ATT Graduate, FCCE Instructor, Holistic Fitness Cert.

Founder and artistic director of Czigany World Fusion Dance. Her formal dance training began over 40 years ago with classical ballet and she has been building on that foundation ever since. She has studied many dance styles over the years and combined them all in the formation of Czigany World Fusion Dance.

As a teacher, she strives to not only teach a series of steps but to also show her students the magic that is dance and the freedom it gives them to feel and to express what lies deep within their soul. “Everyone has a beauty inside that is so indescribably brilliant; one that consists of all of their passions, their hopes, their fears, and their dreams. I help my students to get in touch with that part of themselves through dance.”

Got Questions?

How do I choose the date and time? To schedule a private lesson with Carolena, please send an email to fcbd@fcbd.com. Best times are Tuesday-Sunday 9am-5pm PDT. Lessons will take place via Skype or FaceTime.