Advanced FCBD®Style Intensives

Would you like to go further into your FCBD®Style studies?

We have created a series of intensives specifically to impart the skills needed to advance your teaching skills, improve your technique, and shine on stage! No matter how far you want to take your education, our advanced education curriculum will help you reach your dreams.

Advanced Teacher Training

Are you ready to step up as an advanced teacher in the captivating world of FatChanceBellyDance®Style? How about diving into an exhilarating journey of intensive training, honing advanced teaching skills, and receiving personalized feedback? Ever dreamt of taking your FCBD® practice and teaching to that coveted “next level"?

Enter the realm of possibility with Carolena Nericcio and the dynamic team at FatChanceBellyDance® as they unveil the Advanced Teacher Training program, exclusively tailored for those holding Certified Studio Status.

Within the framework of the Advanced Teacher Training, participants will engage with a diverse set of advanced teaching skills. These encompass the mastery of classroom management, the adeptness of instructing across multiple proficiency levels, the art of curating comprehensive classroom and workshop curricula, the finesse of delivering precise corrections and adjustments, an introduction to the principles of trauma-informed teaching, the collaborative dynamics of co-teaching alongside fellow educators, and a selection of other advanced-level pedagogical techniques, all intricately designed to enhance one's efficacy in FCBD® instruction.

Students that are interested in Advanced Teacher Training will be required to apply prior to acceptance into the program.

This is not a pass/fail course. You will be given daily feedback and be expected to incorporate this feedback into your subsequent training so that by the end you will be eligible for graduation.


Why get certified as an FCBD® Advanced Teacher?

  • Receive the highest standards of training in FCBD®
  • Challenge yourself to reach your highest potential in dance and teaching
  • Engage in critical analysis of your current performance and teaching skills
  • Establish professional credentials to enhance your dance resume
  • Develop as an artist
  • Work closely with a network of other advanced level students and teachers

Other Benefits of Advanced Teacher Training:

  • Featured as an FCBD®Style Advanced Instructor in our global directory.
  • You will be given referrals from FCBD® for teaching workshops (as available)
  • You will be eligible to apply to become a FatChance®  Continuing Education instructor.
Belly Dancer Teacher Training

Duration: 20 Hours, 4 day course

Cost: TBD

Technique For Teachers


Duration: 20 Hours, 4 day course

Cost: TBD

Are your elbows lifted?

FCBD®Style has grown into a global phenomenon with an impressive expansion of the number of certified FCBD®Style teachers. The Technique for Teachers Certification Course is a NEW opportunity to ensure that we are all sharing the same high-quality instruction at our studio. In this course for Teacher Training graduates, Carolena will assess each teacher’s technique, provide feedback, and offer corrections to ensure that all of our students worldwide are receiving consistent instruction.

Each day will consist of a detailed breakdown of two core moves from the FCBD®Style vocabulary followed by chorus drills. Each participant will have an opportunity to lead a two-song drill and receive feedback on their movement technique. We’ll have plenty of time for questions and answers, and bonus drills as well.

Steps to be broken down and drilled include:

Day 1: Shimmy Family • Taxeem
Day 2: Egyptian Family and Spins • Turns
Day 3: Arabic Family • Body Waves
Day 4: Pivot Bump Family • Circle Step and Torso Twist