Emine Di Cosmo

I was a young bellydance teacher and bellydancer (cabaret style) when I discovered FCBD®Style Bellydance. Nobody was teaching this style in my country so I decided to learn it on my own (self taught). Some years later I had the opportunity to travel internationally to take my first official FCBD®Style class at Tribal Pura with Carolena and Megha. I fell in love with them, their philosophy and everything else related to this art form. So I decided that other women in my country should have the opportunity to learn FCBD®Style and make this art form part of their lives. From that moment on I never stopped studying FCBD®Style and following Carolena around the world.

I hosted Carolena and Megha for their first time in South America. I have also hosted and studied with the most recognized teachers in FCBD®Style.

I am the proud director of Tribal Lady Blue School and Minga!Bellydance Troupe.

My background consists of 7 years, and counting, of yoga practice and in my youth many years as a gymnast. I love dancing with people from all over the world and sharing my experience and my passion for FCBD®Style with my students.

To this day my dream is to improve my skills, to be loyal to the essence of FCBD®Style, to spread, teach and share this artform with the world.

Lady Blue Sister Studio

of FatChanceBellyDance®


Multiespacio El Juvenil, Av. Corrientes 4534


(+54) (9) (011) 15 6910 2439

Emine Di Cosmo