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I created Bessie Design in honor of my mother, Bess Nericcio. She was a librarian, interested in everyone she met, my biggest supporter, and my greatest critic. Anyone that met her felt as if they had made a friend. I owe her the world and this brand is my endeavor to keep her in everyone’s hearts.

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  • Amethyst Crystal Pendants

  • Carolena’s Sewing and Design Vitae

  • Fluorite Crystal Pendants

  • Carolena’s Hand Knit Legwarmers 10-13″ Cabled

  • Contemporary Brass and Silver Jewelry on Etsy!

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  • Septum Jewelry and Ear Tunnels on Etsy!

  • Carolena’s Hand Knit Legwarmers 17-22″ Ribbed

  • Dance Camp Pant

  • Elevation Jacket

  • Wild Card Canvas Holster Bag