Tribal Basics Vol.4 Embellishments and Variations [download]



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FCBD® Tribal Basics Vol.4 Embellishments and Variations [download]

Released initially as Advanced Workshop, we have updated some steps. This is the perfect companion to Vol. 1 Dance Fundamentals and Vol. 7 Creative Steps and Combinations.

Hand Floreos Up2 Down3
Flutter Reach and Sit
Head Slides Choo Choo Singles
Levels Choo Choo Doubles
Reverse Taxeem Choo Choo Arc
Deep Bodywave Layering
Turkish Shimmy Camelwalk
Shoulder Shimmy Circle Step
Egyptian Half Turn Torso Twist
Arabic 1-2-3 Propeller Turn
Arabic Hip Twist Corkscrew Turn

Tribal Dance, Tribal Drums soundtrack.
66 min Instruction
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