Vintage! The 2007 Mail Order Catalog [download]



Please enjoy this vintage edition of the 2007 Mail Order Catalog!

As my introduction notes, 2007 was the 20th Anniversary of FatChanceBellyDance®. Now in 2020, we are at year 33!

Each year, since the early 90s, I would sit down to chronicle the items for sale with pictures and words. “Back in the day” there were no templates, one had to create using simple word processing programs. The first catalogs were like mental origami, trying to visualize how the pages would have to be printed so they could be placed in a 4 x 8.5″ booklet. Photos were a chore, as there were no personal printers. I had to go to the copy shop to convert photos into a halftone for printing. Finally, I found a print company to format and publish the larger edition you see here.

This was the final print edition of the Catalog, as the internet had become more efficient at presenting photos, updating the errant typo, and taking orders securely. I truly loved creating these catalogs.

While all of my reviews and remarks are true to this day, REMEMBER that this is a vintage item; the products you see may no longer be available. You cannot order from this catalog, rather search the online store to find out if an item is still available, and order it there.

106 pages

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