Tribal Pura International FAQs


Can you make an exception for me regarding _____ for the ATT program?

No, we have created the requirements for the ATT program with much thought. We understand that not everyone will be able to meet all of them. However, successful candidates for the program will be able to do so.

What are you looking for in the dance resume needed for ATT?

  • The dance resume should be no longer than 2 pages. It should include anything that you think is relevant to your application for Advanced Teacher Training.
  • Although what you chose to highlight in a resume can often vary depending on the position for which you are applying, I would suggest highlighting anything that you have done that would be of value to someone who is an Advanced Teacher.
  • I would think that fitness certifications would be relevant. Training in yoga or other movements that would enhance your understanding of the body and its mechanics would be important to mention.
  • Although you may want to mention event production, I would do so only in the context of how that applies to your ability to work with others and enhance your teaching.
  • The Advanced Teacher Training will always be held in San Francisco.

Can you explain more about the references needed for ATT? Do they have to be written?

  • Yes, we would like written references. Each candidate can determine what they would like to highlight about themselves but what we are really looking for is whether the candidate “plays well with others.” This Advanced Teacher Training will obviously be about advancing your skills and marketability but Carolena also wants to see dancers who can be good representatives of FCBD®Style through collegial and professional behavior within their own communities and the ATS® community at large.
  • As for the SS reference letter, it is fine to ask those who you know from any setting. We realize that some of you are the only SS in your geographic location, but assume you know other Sister Studios from workshops, your GS/TT training or even by interacting with them on line. It is important that those who go through the ATT be members of the FCBD®Style community along with having the potential for being Advanced Teachers.

General Skills

What are the GS student requirements?

  • Students must be fluent in English, no exceptions.
  • These courses are not for beginners.
  • Dancers must have previous experience with some element of FCBD®Style, Tribal, Tribal Fusion or Oriental Dance.
  • Students will be asked to submit a dance bio, limited to one page, upon acceptance to the program. This should include their experience with ATS®, any personal comments, but not be a “resume” type listing of everything they have ever done! Just as it relates to FCBD®Style and what they want to achieve at the Intensive.

What should I bring to class?

Please bring: zils, a notebook, full skirt and choli are best but not mandatory

Class information and handouts

  • Students will receive supporting materials on the first day of class.
  • Review of Tribal Basics Vol. 1-7 DVDs is recommended.


Do the Powhow classes count toward FCCE?

No. We want you to take live classes with an instructor for the FCCE program. You may book a private lesson via Powhow for a live class. That would absolutely count toward the SSCE.

Can I do all of my FCCE hours in 1:1 classes?

Yes, just remember that one of your 10 hours annually must be 1:1 with Carolena.

Can I use workshops that I have already attended this year toward FCCE?

No, your SSCE begins when you register for the SSCE.

I take more FCCE credits than I need this year, can they roll over into next year?

No, we feel that it is important to have ongoing training. We would love for you to take more classes in a year and encourage you to do so.

Do regular classes taken at the FCBD® studio (with you or other FC teachers) count toward the 10 hours required for FCCE?

Yes, particularly if you are a visiting student from another geographic location. You may request an FCCE certificate when you are at the studio.

Does “One hour of 1:1 instruction with Carolena” mean a private lesson?

Yes, 1:1 instruction means a private lesson that is either Powhow, Skype, or live.

Does General Skills or Teacher Training count toward FCCE?

Yes, if you are taking it for second or subsequent time. If you are taking it for your first time, you do not need to seek FCCE until a year after your completion date if you are participating in the program.