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The Best Black Base Scarf


A perfect base scarf for your headdress. Designed and manufactured by Bessie Clothing Design. 100% cotton gauze, measures 45″ x 90″. See the Tribal Style Headdress and Make-up Booklet for complete costuming info. FCBD®Style Classic Headdress Tutorial $10. on You’ll get access to this tutorial when you purchase The Best Black Base Scarf! Add …
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FatChanceBellyDance®Style Belly Dancer


When I was in design school I used to say that I wanted to work for Folkwear Patterns when I grew up! Well, my dream came true last year when Kate Mathews and I agreed on a partnership to produce the FatChanceBellyDance®Style Belly Dancer by Folkwear and FatChanceBellyDance. The pattern features the Choli graded into …
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Tribal Style Headdress and Make-up Booklet


11 pages of full color photos and complete written instruction walk you through headdress and make-up for the Tribal Style costume. Written by Carolena Nericcio, graciously produced by Folkwear. 100% Viscose Shawl – these shawls are perfect for the headdress! The Best Black Base Scarf – this is our favorite base scarf! Magic Hat Pin Tin …
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Fluorite Crystal Pendants


FLUORITE Protective•Intuitive•Balance Highly protective against negative energy, it assists in finding balance in life, seeing the bigger picture, stabilizes emotions, and calm an overactive mind. Increases intuitive abilities and useful for grounding & harmonizing spiritual energy. Boosts the immune system and stimulates the regeneration and restructuring of cells and DNA; particularly the skin and respiratory …
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Elevation Jacket


Black | Purple | Turquoise | Violet | Red | Burgundy | Chocolate Brown | Forest Green | Royal Blue | Navy | Charcoal Heather

Bessie Choli Dress “Coda”


For FCBD®Style dancers, the Choli Dress is a choli sewn inside an open-backed dress. The choli hugs your curves while the dress floats gracefully over your curves. The new version, the Coda, features the “Beeston Back,” inspired by Kelley Besston of Kalash Tribal. It is a sports bra with an elastic band rather than the …
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Vintage Indian Tribal Silver on Etsy!

Take a tour of Carolena’s Vintage Indian Tribal Silver on Etsy! Everything is 25% off. Enjoy!

FCBD@ Goddess Pendants


Our Goddesses are hand-made for FCBD® by Heart and Bones in New Mexico, USA. Her body is .925 sterling silver, flat finished to enhance her curves. Your choice of stone and be sure to admire her lovely backside and FCBD® belt! Length 2 1/8″ Width 3/8″ Each pendant comes with a silky silicone cord*, 16.5in/41cm …
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Sterling Silver Rhodium-Plated Beveled Oval Cable Chain


A perfect chain for our FCBD® Goddess Pendant! 16″ Chain Specifications: Metal type: Sterling silver 925 Width : 1.8mm Overall length/dimensions : 18″ Clasp type: Lobster Country of origin: Italy This chain is plated with rhodium to help ensure durability and tarnish resistance. Adjustable 16″, 18″ 20″ Chain Specifications: Metal Type: Sterling silver Width: 1.1mm Overall Length: 20″ …
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Vintage! The 2007 Mail Order Catalog [download]


Please enjoy this vintage edition of the 2007 Mail Order Catalog! As my introduction notes, 2007 was the 20th Anniversary of FatChanceBellyDance®. Now in 2020, we are at year 33! Each year, since the early 90s, I would sit down to chronicle the items for sale with pictures and words. “Back in the day” there …
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