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The first in a series of collaborations between FCBD and Phil Thornton (Immortal Egypt)! Nexus Tribal is a taste of world fusion with Balkan and traditional North African sounds and Phil’s special mix of “folktronica.” Special tracks perfect for ATS *and* Fusion.

Listen to clips of the songs free of charge, and/or buy the digital download of the CD.

1. DUMA SA DUMA 5:16 This is a great sound. Fast.
2. BAY CITY SHIMMY-FUSION MIX 4:57 Nice listening.
3. GOLDEN GATE MIST 5:23 Dramatic slow.
4. RAQS SHEHANI 4:03 Nice uptempo with good phrasing.
5. SUNRISE OVER TRIBECA 3:42 Dramatic slow.
6. IN THE BUBBLE 4:41 Dramatic slow.
7. FEROZASHAH 3:59 Great tempo changes!
8. TRIBAL SPACE 4:21 Slow intro into uptempo, atmospheric feeling.
9. YAH WAHLEY 4:21 Dramatic slow.
10. ALI’S MIZMAR 4:55 Nice listening.
11. EDELEZI TRANCE 5:22 Good tempo.
12. RAQS RHODOPE 5:07 Good tempo, fast. Melody and changes.
13. THE BROADOAK SHEIK 4:30 Nice listening.
14. BAY CITY SHIMMY-FAT CHANCE MIX 4:14 Of course, this one is a HIT!
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