Certified Studio Announcement

When I created this dance format I didn’t set out to build a worldwide community.  The fact that ATS has exploded into a global phenomenon goes beyond my wildest dreams for what this dance could be.  ATS has always been a place for people who, like me, felt that they didn’t quite fit into society’s boxes. This dance has been my life’s work and I’m truly gratified knowing that it has created belonging for so many people.  It breaks my heart to hear that some have felt excluded and unwelcome in our community because that has never been the purpose of this dance.  

I want to state firmly and unequivocally that I believe that dance is for everyone.  I do not condone discrimination. 

I want everyone in our community to feel included, valued, and seen.  Which is why I’ve decided to adopt “Certified Studio” as a gender-neutral alternative to Sister and Brother Studio.  If you would like to remain within the official FCBD fold, you may choose from any of these three official designations.  You may not choose your own alternative designation. Please remember that being a Certified Studio is an expression of your commitment to teaching and performing ATS as it was created.

In addition, the Sister Studio Continuing Education program (SSCE) will be renamed the FatChance Continuing Education Program (FCCE). All other gendered terminology is currently under review and as we transition and there will be further announcements to come as we work to reflect this commitment to inclusive terminology throughout the business. 

We appreciate your patience in waiting for our response regarding language inclusivity, change in any business organization is never as fast as we would like. We will be updating the branding and marketing materials, please bear with us while we work to make this transition happen.

Thank you for your understanding,


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