Carolena’s Hand Knit Legwarmers 22″ Ribbed


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It’s no surprise that I like to knit. In fact, some of you have taught your sample Teacher Training segments while I was knitting. It helps me concentrate and focus.

As a vegan, I eschewed wool and silk yarns many years ago, opting not to use animal products. However, I recently attended a talk on climate change, and yes I was knitting. The speaker, a passionate young man, was describing the state of the environment over the next ten years and the effects of plastics on our eco-system. I looked down at my hands and realized that in using acrylic yarn-I was knitting plastic. Right then and there I decided that it would be better to knit with wool, sustainable and biodegradable fiber*. I knew I could find eco-friendly, if not cruelty-free wool. Most of my sources grow and process their wool in the United States. There are a few from South America, small producers in Chile, and Uruguay (color labels: arco-iris.)

I make each pair of legwarmers by hand.
The legwarmers that you see already knitted up may be available for immediate delivery.
For the un-knitted skeins of yarn, please allow several months for delivery.
Style: 22″ ribbed over-the-knee or scrunch down around the calf, with a break at the heel so the legwarmer can cascade over the foot. Four black buttons** with an OG Patch on one leg.
Content: 100% Wool (unless otherwise stated.)
Care: Hand-wash in cool water with a mild detergent and dry flat. Do not wash in the washing machine or dry in the dryer, this will shrink and felt the wool and you will end up with elf-sized legwarmers!

*For wool to be biodegradable, it must not be ‘superwash.’ Superwash wool is treated so as to be machine washable, but that treatment also makes it non-biodegradable. All of my wools are untreated and biodegradable.

Weight 1 lbs

Arco Iris, Bluebird, Dark Grey, Oatmeal, Obsidian, Rosy 17", Toasted

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