2020 July 16 – 19
FCBD®Style Technique for Teachers UK

2020 July 16 – 19
Tiverton, UK

FCBD®Style Technique for Teachers (T4T)

FCBD®Style has grown into a global phenomenon with an impressive expansion of the number of certified FCBD®Style teachers. The Technique for Teachers Certification Course is a NEW opportunity to ensure that we are all sharing the same high-quality instruction at our Sister Studio locations. In this course for FCBD®Style Teacher Training graduates, Carolena, assisted by DeAnna Freeman and Kelley Beeston, plus we hope to have Megha too, will assess each teacher’s technique, provide feedback and offer corrections to ensure that all of our students, worldwide, are receiving consistent instruction.

Each day will consist of a detailed breakdown of two core moves from the FCBD®Stylevocabulary followed by chorus drills. Each participant will have an opportunity to lead a two-song drill and receive feedback on their movement technique. We’ll have plenty of time for questions and answers, and bonus drills as well.

Steps to be broken down and drilled include:

  • Day 1: Shimmy Family • Taxeem
  • Day 2: Egyptian Family and Spins • Turns
  • Day 3: Arabic Family • Body Waves
  • Day 4: Pivot Bump Family • Circle Step and Torso Twist

Duration: 20 hours, 4 day course

Further information:
Kelley Beeston – kalash.tribal@gmail.com

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