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Carolena Nericcio

Carolena is the originator of American Tribal Style® and the founder of FatChanceBellyDance®. Read more about Carolena here.


Megha began performing very early in life. She took her first dance classes at about the age of 4 and has been creating and performing ever […]

Kristine Adams

I’m lucky enough to have been a FCBD® troupe member since 2005, studying directly under Carolena Nericcio since 2003. This means being in the studio 3+ […]

Anita Lalwani

Growing up in Fairview Park, Ohio, Anita Lalwani was a bookworm.  She tried tennis, skiiing, and even synchronized swimming, but it was not until she moved […]

Jesse Stanbridge

Teacher Jesse’s love affair with ATS® began when she saw her first FatChanceBellyDance® performance in 2002.  She fell in love instantly with the graceful display of […]

Susan Warner

Susan has been teaching and dancing American Tribal Style® (ATS®) bellydance since 2007. She attended her General Skills certification in Milwaukee, WI in Nov 2008 and […]

Krisztina Naz-Clark

Krisztina is Michigan’s first Sister Studio to FatChanceBellyDance®, is Advanced Teacher Training Certified and is an ATS® Sister Studio Continuing Education Instructor. She is also certified […]

Laurie LuLu Martin

Lulu started her American Tribal Style® belly dance journey in 2005 by dancing to a bootleg video of the original FatChanceBellyDance® Vol. 1 series.  Blown away […]

Kelley Beeston

Kelley is known for her inclusive, approachable teaching style often structuring her workshops holistically around a theme or concept. Her innate ability to break things down […]

Jennifer Kasper

A lifelong dancer, Jenn’s belly dance background began in 2003, while living in the Middle East. After moving back to the United States, she studied American […]

DeAnna Freeman

DeAnna discovered American Tribal Style® belly dance in 2004 and was so captivated she immediately devoted herself to classes, self-study and private lessons. Under the direction […]

Liz Malcom

In 1995, Liz began her journey into belly dance on a whim by walking into a class with a friend. The empowering spirit of the dance […]

Philippa Moirai

Taking her first ballet steps at the age of three, Philippa has had a lifelong passion for dance. A professional performer and teacher, her background includes […]

Jen McDonald

Jen fell in love with dance during childhood, watching Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire, and Gene Kelly movies with her Grandmother.  She enthusiastically tried tap and ballet […]

Heidi Wunder

I have been studying, performing, ATS®, or some combination of both for the past 15 years.  I have  been teaching ATS® for the past 8 of […]

Michiyo Salisbury

Michiyo became so entranced with Middle Eastern Music that she took her first Bellydance class in 2001. She continued her study of both Folkloric and Oriental […]

Juhay Ahn

Juhay (Seoul, Korea) moved to San Francisco in 2006 to pursue her passion: learning ATS®. As soon as she started studying ATS® under Carolena and FCBD® […]

Yuka Sakata

Yuka began taking her very first American Tribal Style® classes at the FCBD® studio in 2010 and quickly became one of the obsessed students in the studio!  Showing […]

Sofia Salazar-Rubio

Sofia is a Washington state native, but was lucky enough to stumble upon classes at the Mothership in 2008.  She received her General Skills and Teacher […]

Lorena Rojas

My immersion in bellydance started in 2004 and kept researching and studying with professional teachers and dancers from all over the world coming to Mexico where […]

Emine Di Cosmo

I was a young bellydance teacher and bellydancer (cabaret style) when I discovered ATS® Bellydance. Nobody was teaching this style in my country so I decided […]

Virginia Hojas

Virginia is originally from Spain, but she moved to the U.S. in 2001, finally settling down in Indiana. Her belly dance journey began in Ohio in […]

Pippa Spice

Pippa first saw tribal belly dance performed in Sydney in November 2005. Intrigued by this beautiful dance style she started studying and performing in 2006 under […]

Wendy Allen

Dance came a bit later in life to Wendy, but once she discovered ATS®, it ignited her passion for movement and music. She was with the […]

Angie Never

Angie Never is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher in Columbus, OH, who has been sharing her passion for dance and yoga with students of all levels […]

Cyndi Cyreigna Elliott

Cyndi Cyreigna Elliott has been dancing as long as she can remember! Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Flamenco, Salsa, and with all honesty, cannot remember a time when […]

Sandi Ball

Sandi Ball began her belly dance journey in 1998 when she attended classes at FatChanceBellyDance® with a friend, not knowing what it was or what her […]

Svetlana Dvoretskaya

  In 2004 Svetlana was keen on bellydance. She discovered ATS® in 2006 and left oriental bellydance to devote all her time to tribal style. Svetlana started […]

Valerie Woodruff

  Valerie Bravo Woodruff is the director for Bravo Belly Dance in Colorado Springs, CO. She discovered her love of belly dance at the Novato Ren […]

Kae Montgomery

Hello, my name is Kae Montgomery. Back in 2000 when I got first hooked to bellydancing, there was no teachers in my home town in Japan […]

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